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Print 'No more feeling Blue'

Print 'No more feeling Blue'

No more feeling Blue is a captivating piece of artwork that serves as a powerful reminder of the Beauty and Joy that surrounds us. As an artist, this Painting was created to inspire feelings of calm and gratitude, encouraging viewers to focus on the positive aspects of life. The Abstract style of this piece allows for a meditative experience, inviting individuals to explore their emotions and find inner peace. Whether displayed in a home, office, or studio, No more feeling Blue serves as a stunning and uplifting addition to any space. Embrace the power of Positivity and Mindfulness with this Beautiful Work of Art.


  • Specifications

    The Original artwork was Created on stretched Canvas. This has been professionally scanned and printed on high quality gloss card with Archival ink

    Available in A4 and A3 sizes. Larger Sizes Available on request.

Frame or Mount - Colour
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