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Making the leap from Wedding hair and make up Artist to Full time artist!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I started applying make up to friends and family aged 14 (1986). Fast forward to 2006 when I started Beautiful Bride Makeovers I was thrilled to have a career that I absolutely loved.

Making women feel confident and beautiful was the 'why' Having a flare for colour and balance was the how. It really was my dream job. I have participated in over 1000 weddings and loved (Almost) every one.

Fast forward now to lockdown and boom! No more business! I am not the kind of person that fairs well with idol hands and so having dabbled with my art (Painting canvas instead of faces) for many many years, I decided to throw myself in wholeheartedly.

I was painting every day and finding inspiration through images I have collected working with Brides. I mixed my crazy erratic painting style with portraits and found I have a natural ability with this also.

Enter my portrait phase:

I did consider becoming a portrait artist but my style isn't for everyone (First and last commission was a nightmare) and so I am now moving more towards mystical, theatrical portrait imagery.

My next Exhibition in July 'All about Face' will reflect this style of art that I am experimenting with. I am very excited about it!

More updates to follow on art for sale at this exhibition xx

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