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When fate lends a hand

Do you ever feel like you are working towards something but you don't yet know what that is? From very early on in my working career I have made choices that may not of seemed all that logical, especially at the time. But now with time and reflection on my side I can see how all of those decisions led me to to the place I find myself in today.

Many people would say to me that I have had added so many strings to my bow I don't know what to play first. I would have to agree in so much that I have a thirst for knowledge. Lots of things fire me up and get my juices flowing. I want to do and try everything. However I do loose interest just as quickly. Once I feel I have acquired the knowledge/skill to a good enough degree, I get bored, impatient to try the next thing.

This means I have a good degree of knowledge or skill with a lot of things but am not highly skilled in any of them. I'm ok with this, life is full of opportunity so I'll ride them all.

'Jack of all trades, master of none is always better than master of one'

Back to the point of this blog! I LOVE to teach, when I was younger (13) cleaning the bathroom as part of my chores I would pretend I was on camera, teaching people how to clean a bathroom in the quickest most efficient manner. The same goes for changing a bed. It made to task more enjoyable and eased the boredom of said weekly tasks.

Moving forward to make up in theatre, make up classes in the Beauty salon where I later worked. Platting hair, body massage, painting nails, the list goes on and on. If I knew how I would teach it.

So much so that when an opportunity to teach massage to ladies in a woman's rescue centre came my way I jumped at the chance. Just one snag, I didn't have a teaching qualification.

Fast forward a year and now I do! Having attended night school in Newcastle to acquire this.

Next came life drawing classes with my good friend Kristy. Both budding artists wanting to further our skills. I absolutely loved it. We met an amazing group of people, all had varying talents but there was no judgement, it was such a safe space to explore, learn and share. We attended 8 sessions where my understanding of light and shade was fine tuned. This is now the basis of almost all works I create regardless of the subject matter. Its not what you think you see but what is there that counts.

Learn new skills to stretch your mind. We all start somewhere.

Fast forward a few years and having undergone a hysterectomy I am at a low ebb and unable to work for a while (Wedding hair and make up artist) So I turn to my art, as has been my MO my whole life. I am, at this point a water colour artist but feeling bored of my medium I see an article talking about Alcohol Inks. As is my nature I research the arse off it and purchase some inks, yupo paper (Plastic) and some Isopropyl Alcohol.

I AM OBSSESSED!!! If you haven't tried it you must! It is the most mesmerising medium you will ever play with. I say play because it cannot be controlled easily and so you must just have fun with it and see what shows up. It is the most relaxing and freeing of all art styles I have tried. You literally get to chose the colours... that's it! No two images will ever be the same but as you experiment with this medium you will find what works and how to manipulate it to a degree. The fun of this medium is you never know what you are going to get. But if you don't like it, wipe the yupo sheet clean and start again. The inks are relatively cheap and you don't use much. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated room.

By this point in my life I am coming to the end of my wedding career, the love has started to fade as my love of creating art is tipping the scales. Add to this we move to an amazingly inspirational location and I am hooked with creating artwork to reflect it. Around the same time I decide to start winding my weddings up I am approached by a friend to help out in her art studio. She is having health issues but has commissions to finish and as I am a fellow artist she knows I can be a great asset to her. During my lunch breaks I would paint with my inks and those images created in that space are still some of my favourites.

See below...

I started to realise that the environment influenced my artwork. Lucinda had a calming energy, playing classical music in a light and airy studio surrounding by stunning portraits. This directly influenced what I created. I loved being in the studio. Could I maybe one day have my own?? Could I maybe one day be a full time artist myself?

Moving to our new home had changed me, then lockdown came and impacted this further. I now knew I wanted to switch career path but I also still had this desire to teach. I knew that artists would want to come to our location to paint, it is MADE for it. Crying out for it! But I just didn't know how to make this a reality.

Going for coffee one day in Allendale with my sister changed everything. By the time we left I had snagged a studio, there is usually a huge waiting list but we are just coming out of covid so I got lucky.

Booking my first exhibition at The Forge ensured I had to stick with my art medium style to create a cohesive collection.

Telling the world and his wife about my exhibition meant I HAD to make it a success, after all, my ego (Aries) would allow nothing less.

And then... then! Out of the blue came the Robson Green opportunity. Bingo!

This was the hand of fate telling me all my ducks are now in a row. Could I really be talking about my favourite topic, in the beautiful countryside, teaching people to create? Yes I was!

At the time I was terrified, but now I am elated that the stars aligned for this to be my reality. Did I manifest this into being? Most likely. Can I see this as my future? Most definitely.

I love meeting new people, hearing about their journey in this world, seeing what lessons they can share whilst showing them all I know. Making connections in this world is hugely underrated. Connections with the earth, animals, ourselves and other people. We need this, our souls thrive off of this.

So to give people the chance to experience the beauty, and magical energy of where we live, the space to learn and be vulnerable but also to form beautiful connections with those around us. This is priceless.

I am so thankful for all of the life lessons positive and negative that have led me to this place in my life right now. Its my new chapter which has been years in the making. I'm so excited to see what unfolds in these coming years.

Thanks for listening :) Check out my upcoming workshops if you would like to come paint with me xxx

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