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Let me paint/sketch your face

Having painted (actual) faces for the last 40+ years in one form or another, it would stand to reason that I may have a natural ability to paint faces on to a canvas!

And would you believe I actually do. But more important than that I bloody LOVE IT!!

I started painting faces to canvas around 6 years ago in a loose painterly way but am now obsessed with Charcoal.

Painted in Acrylic with Palette knife and Ink

And so I have a new focus for 2024. Working primarily with Charcoal and Ink I want to capture as many faces to paper/canvas as I can. I am going to document my journey to see how far I have come technically and inspirationally. I like to play with mediums and design.

Very excited for this new era to evolve.

Here are a few recent Charcoal portraits. I am on a mission to be one of the best. I only ever strive to beat myself, the competitor in me will rise to the challenge!

To commission me send an email or drop me a message to discuss options.

Lots of love and thank you for reading xxx

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